Lighted Pushbutton, Panel, and Keyboard Systems

Innovative design and high-quality manufacturing are found in each of these illuminated push-button switches, indicators, caution-warning systems, time-delay relays, keyboards, and integrated display assemblies.

    P/N 10888
    P/N 10800 MARK 7
    P/N 10620 MARK 8
    P/N 10706 MARK 10
    P/N 10648 MARK11
    P/N 30288 MARK12
    P/N 10732 MARK15
    P/N 10820 MARK18
    P/N 10785 MARK20
    P/N 10530 KEYBOARD
    P/N 30295, 30268 MICROLITES

Contact Ducommun today for more information. Our state-of-the-art engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and test capabilities ensure the highest quality products.

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