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Ducommun designs, engineers and manufactures incandescent, electroluminescent and light emitting diode (LED) illuminated display panels in all types and classes. Each one is precision engineered and manufactured to exceed customer specifications. Only the best quality materials are used to ensure our products meet the highest performance standards required by the aerospace industry.

Our light plates can be used for multiple markets and applications including military shipboard systems, commercial and military aircraft, ground vehicles, helicopters and spacecraft.

   Laser-etched for consistent readability
   NVIS compatible, Type I and Type II
   Light balanced and tested to meet all luminance, chromaticity, uniformity and radiance requirements
   Elastomer keypad

   Type III thru VII
   Machined acrylic, polycarbonate or aerospace grade aluminum
   Incandescent, electroluminescent, or LED (with or without incandescent dimming curve, PWM)
   Complex curved configurations
   Available in any FED-STD 595 color
   Standard, military or custom connectors

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