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Our broad range of offerings lets you choose from certified solutions meeting your interface requirements and preferences. Whether you are looking for a build-to-print design or a new custom solution, our technical experts are here to help you achieve the interface your end users want.

Customers consistently choose our solutions for their quality, reliability, ease of intergration, and ease of use.

Illuminated Pushbutton Switches, Annunciators & Switch Matrices
A market leader in certified lighted switch design and manufacturing, Ducommun offers a wide range of switch components that meet the needs of demanding applications. A majority of our HMI products are FAA/PMA certified or MIL-PRF/QPL certified. Learn more >>

Light Plates, Bezels, Keyboards & Keypads
Ducommun manufactures incandescent, electroluminescent and light emitting diode (LED) illuminated display panels in all types and classes. Each one is precision engineered and manufactured to exceed customer specifications. Learn more >>
Integrated Control Panels & Assemblies
Ducommun harnesses its expertise in push buttons, annunciators, key pads and light plates to develop our custom integrated control panel assemblies. Our panel assemblies incorporate a variety of components and features. Learn more >>
Aftermarket Solutions & Certifications
In addition to our original equipment, we also provide aftermarket spares and offer a full range of MRO services for all products that we manufacture. We are D5YR708X, AS9100 2016 Certified. Learn more >>

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