Millimeter Wave Frequency Converters

Ducommun's frequency converter families include waveguide detectors (FAS), passive and active multipliers (FMP and FMA), up and down converters (FUB and FDB), harmonic mixers (FDH), subharmonically pumped up and down converters (FUS and FDS) and phase detectors and single sideband modulators (FPB and FSS). These devices are offered in 7 waveguide bands to cover entire 18 to 110 GHz frequency spectrum. These converters employ high performance GaAs Schottky beamlead diodes and Ducommun's proprietary circuit configuration to produce superior performance, such as low conversion loss and up to full waveguide instantaneous operation bandwidth.

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FDB - Balanced Mixers
FDB-E1 - Externally Biased Balanced Mixers
FDH - Harmonic Mixers
FMA - Active Frequency Multipliers
FMP - Passive Frequency Multipliers
FPB - I/Q Mixers or Phase Detectors
FUB - Balanced Up-Converters
FSS - Single Sideband Modulator
FAS - Broadband Amplitude Detector
FDS - Subharmonically Pumped Mixers
FUS - Subharmonically Pumped Up-converters

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