Millimeter Wave Ferrite Devices

Ducommun's products include very broad ferrite device selections to cover 100 MHz to 110 GHz operation frequency range. These devices include narrow band drop-in (FID and FCD), connectorized (FIC and FCC), junction (FIW and FCW) isolators and circulators and iso-adapters (FII and FCI). The broad bandwidth versions are offered as full band junction isolators and circulators (FIF and FCF) and Faraday isolators (FFF). These devices feature low insertion loss, high isolation and wide operating temperature range. Low cost and volume production versions of these ferrite devices are available per customers’ request.

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FIC Connectorized Isolators
FCC Connectorized Circulators
FID Drop-in Isolators
FCD Drop-in Circulators
FCF Full Band Circulators
FIF Full Band Isolators
FII Iso-adapters
FCI Iso-adapters
FCW Junction Circulators
FIW Junction Isolators
FFF Faraday Isolators

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