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Ducommun products perform for your toughest challenges. For over 55 years we have partnered with leading OEMs and primes to offer high reliability products for demanding requirements. Whether your need is high power, reliability in extreme environments, or linear signal transmission with low distortion, our products consistently deliver. Our products are the go-to choice for radar, communications, electronic warfare, space/satellite, and automated test equipment (ATE) requirements.

If it's a standard off-the-shelf commercial product you are looking for or if your needs are for a highly customized ruggedized design, Ducommun can innovate and rapidly scale manufacturing volume to meet your programmatic requirements. Contact us today to learn more.

Commercial Grade Switches

Ducommun commercial switches are designed for cost-effective, dependable performance in most ground-based applications such as telecommunications, industrial, and medical environments. These reliable products support high power handling, low insertion loss, high signal isolation, and signal linearity for precision RF requirements.


Military Grade Ruggedized Switches

Ducommun ruggedized switches are designed for military and airborne applications with vibration, mechanical shock, thermal shock, and other harsh environmental conditions. These products are designed to meet MIL-E-5400 and MIL-S-3928 requirements. For applications where you need assured performance in harsh environments, trust these products to deliver.


QPL Approved Products

Our Qualified Parts List (QPL) products are designed to support military aftermarket applications. These products have National Stock Number (NSN) assignments to ensure product conformance. Ducommun QPL approved products include electromechanical switches, waveguide switches, hybrid couplers, and terminations.


Space High Reliability (Hi-Rel) Switches

Since 1987, Ducommun RF Products has had the legacy working with both government/defense and commercial space applications. Because of our heritage, we can offer a broad range of switching solutions to both communications link applications and redundancy applications.

Ducommun RF Coaxial space qualified switches have been used in a variety of space "Hi-Rel" applications where electrical performance, weight, size and reliability have been mission critical. Our heritage includes both S and K Level qualification testing and screening.



Automated Test Equipment

For over 25 years, Ducommun has designed and manufactured switch matrix systems to assist customers with a variety of solutions that fit their unique requirements. From a simple SPST coaxial switch to a fully integrated switching solution, Ducommun has technical expertise up to the challenge. Our broadband solutions can be designed in lightweight or rack-mount format.

Ducommun provides technical assistance to our customers to help them create the best test matrix for their unique application.



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