Variable Reluctance Resolvers (Brushless)

Ducommun Variable Reluctance Resolvers (VRRs) are highly reliable Brushless Resolvers without rotary transformers. Unlike conventional resolvers, VRRs have both primary and secondary windings in the stator and no windings on the rotor. This offers significant advantages in price, weight and envelope dimensions.

VRRs are mechanically and electrically compatible with traditional brushless resolvers. They provide accurate absolute positioning or velocity feedback and can be offered as single-speed and multi-speed designs. Without a rotary transformer and fewer parts, VRRs are extremely reliable and compact feedback devices for harsh environments.

Ducommun offers different stator and rotor core designs depending on the required accuracies and mounting dimensions. Custom designs are available on request.

Features & Benefits

Accuracy up to +/- 2 Arc-Min
Compact Design, Lightweight
No Rotary
Transformer Required
Brushless Resolver without Rotary Transformer
Up To 30% Mass Reduction Compared to Conventional Resolvers
Compact Design With Approximately Half the Length of a Brushless Resolver
Available In Frame Size OD 0.8" Up To OD 9"
Accuracies Single-Speed Up To +/- 30 Arc-Min
Accuracies Multi-Speed Up To +/- 1 Arc-Min
Rugged Design Resistant Against Electrical Noise, Extreme Temperatures,
    Shock, High Acceleration, Vibration, Pressure & Vacuum
Single & Multi-Speed Designs
Sine/Cosine Output

Applications & End Uses

      -    Solar Array Deployment Assemblies (SADA)
      -    Bearing & Power Transmission Assembly (BAPTA)
      -    Potentiometer Replacement
      -    Other Space Mechanisms
Oil & Gas Exploration
      -    Drilling Tools
      -    Completion Tools
      -    MWD and LWD Tools
Industrial Applications
      -    BLDC Motors Feedback
      -    High-Speed Spindles


Space Qualified Designs
High Temperature / Pressure Designs Immersed in Hydraulic Oil
     for Downhole Oil Exploration Tools
Housed or as Compact Pancake Designs
Custom Designs
Complete Mechanisms with Custom Housing, Motor, Resolver & Gear Head

Winding Schematics

* Schematic has been modified to protect proprietary information. All information provided above is subject to change.


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