Special DC Motors

Ducommun offers a solid line of Special DC Motors - Brushless, Coreless, Pancake or Housed, Optional Gear Head-Feedback &/or Brake - that provide solutions for the most challenging Motion Control environments and requirements.

If your design requires high-speed continuous operation or low speed/high torque, Ducommun offers a wide range of qualified designs.

Our high reliability motors and actuators are engineered for the most extreme conditions and harshest environments including thermal, cryogenic, shock, vibration and vacuum.

DC Motors

Brushless Motors (BLDC)
Coreless Motors
Pancake or Housed
Optional Gear Head, Feedback &/or Brake
Standard and Custom Design

Brushed Type DC Motors Geared DC Motors Brushless DC Motors
9DG62 13DGX6-1 15ZX1
13DG85 13DGX8 20ZA1
13DG91 13DG85 20ZA2
13DG94 13DG94 20ZA3
13DG96 13DG96 57ZA1
30DAX1 17DG4  

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