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Ducommun harnesses its expertise in pushbutton, annunciators, key pads and light plates to develop our custom integrated control panel assemblies. Our panel assemblies incorporate a variety of components and features.

   Custom indicator assemblies or pushbutton
       switch assemblies
   Rockers 2/4 way switch elements (environmental sealed)
   Annunciators (incandescent and LED dimming utilizing PWM)
   Sunlight readable/dead front NVIS compatible
   Digital control of annunciator actuation and panel
   Encoders: optical/mechanical
   Diode and resistor arrays

Our complete lifecyle, engineering and 3D solid modeling capabilities allow us to develop custom control panels to meet the most complex and demanding applications. Bus interfaces to panels using discrete, serial and parallel data including RS232 and RS422.

Integrated Assemblies: Switch Options
   Rotary switch
   Illuminated switches
   Momentary contact
   Standard, military or custom connectors
   Rotary switch: engine start switch

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