Millimeter Wave Passive Components
Ducommun LaBarge Technologies

Ducommun LaBarge Technologies' products include various passive components including multi-hole directional couplers (PCM), crossguide couplers (PCC), magic tees (PCT), coax power dividers (PPD), bandpass, low pass and high pass filters (PFB, PFL and PFH), waveguide diplexers (PDC), waveguide transitions (PRC and PTW), waveguide to coax adapters (PTC) and waveguide components (PWS, PWE, PWH, PWM and PWT). These passive components cover frequency range from 8.2 to 110 GHz and feature high performance and low cost.

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PCC Crossguide Directional Couplers
PCM Multi-Hole Directional Couplers
PDC Waveguide Diplexer
PTC Waveguide to Coax Adapters
PWS Waveguide Straight Sections
PWT Twist Waveguides
PTW Tapered Waveguide Transitions
PWM Waveguide Termination Loads
PCT Matched Hybrid Tees (Magic Tees)
PFB Waveguide Bandpass Filters
PFH Waveguide Highpass Filter
PPD Coax Power Dividers
PFL Waveguide Low Pass Filters
PRC Rectangular to Circulator Transitions
PWE Waveguide E Bend Sections
PWH Waveguide H Bend Sections
WTJ Waveguide Jack
PWA Waveguide Flange and Bulkhead Adapters
PWK Waveguide Flange and Bulkhead Adapters

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