Ducommun Awarded Gulfstream Supplier of the Year


Ducommun Incorporated, a global supplier of innovative electronic and structural solutions for the aerospace and defense industry, was awarded Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation's 2023 Supplier of the Year award at its Operators & Suppliers conference in Savannah, Georgia. The award was presented for Ducommun's exceptional performance providing Gulfstream the ability to deliver the highest quality products and services to their customers.

The Gulfstream Supplier of the Year award is yet another significant customer recognition of Ducommun's excellence for value such as quality and on-time delivery over the past 18 months, which also included recognition from Airbus' Toulouse operations for outstanding performance, operational reliability and delivery on shared commitments, along with the Gold Medallion award from BAE Systems in recognition of Ducommun's exceptional performance and commitment to operational excellence.

"We are thrilled and honored to be selected for the 2023 Supplier of the Year by Gulfstream, the market leader in business aviation. Our company continues to push forward and raise the level of performance to customers and the A&D industry, and I could not be prouder of our team supporting Gulfstream, very well deserved," said Stephen Oswald, chairman, president and CEO of Ducommun Incorporated.

In selecting recipients for the award, Gulfstream evaluates its suppliers' performance based on quality of deliverables, on-time delivery, reliability, engineering and customer support.

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