Announcing Our 2022 Excellence in Innovation Award Winners


Ducommun's Annual Excellence in Innovation Awards Program recognizes our Engineering & Technical Teams for innovative projects and initiatives that result in a new program win, cost savings or reduced capital expenditure, or improved safety on an existing program. This year's recipients demonstrate the engineering & technical expertise, creativity and customer solutions approach our engineers contribute to our culture of continuous innovation.

Excellence in Innovation Award | Top Honors
Carson Performance Center - Carson, California

Slot-Less Brushless DC Motor - Ducommun's Carson, California, Performance Center engineering team earned the Company's 2022 Excellence in Innovation Award during our annual Engineers Week Event. The team designed a highly manufacturable, slot-less brushless DC motor and achieved results that significantly reduced the material and labor costs of the motor as well as increasing manufacturing yield, through an emphasis on design for manufacturability (DFM). Congratulations to the Carson Team!

Excellence in Innovation Award | Runner Up - Structural Solutions
Ducommun Performance Centers - Gardena, Orange and El Mirage, California

Aluminum Skin Forming Process Improvement - Our Gardena, Orange and El Mirage, California, Performance Centers' innovation project focused on a process improvement in the skin forming and inspection process that minimized the use of multiple tooling, decreased labor hours and increased floor space allowing the performance center to meet the specifications and requirements of the customer.

Excellence in Innovation Award | Runner Up - Electronic Solutions
Ducommun Performance Center - Joplin, Missouri

Dip-Loop Redesign - Our Joplin, Missouri, Performance Center redesigned a Dip-loop cable for the Virginia Class Submarine which increased the electrical pass rate, overall functionality, quality of the cable and ultimately provided a unique solution to our customer.

Congratulations to all three engineering teams!

2023 Engineers Week Highlights

Check out the photos in the slide show below that showcase the other exciting activities that our performance centers across the U.S. participated in during the 2023 Engineers Week event. This week of appreciation and recognition for our engineers and technicians highlights our goal to increase awareness of the engineering profession; reinforce the importance of continuous innovation in everything we do; and emphasize our commitment to delivering superior and sustainable value to our customers and all other stakeholders.

Photos from this year's activities


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