Celebrarting Engineers & Technicians 2021


Innovate. Build. Inspire.

Ducommun Celebrates Our Engineers &
Technical Teams - February 2021

At Ducommun, we drive innovation into everything we do. During the month of February, we're recognizing our talented engineers & technicians who make it all happen.

Our Performance Centers across the U.S. will participate in a range of COVID-compliant activities and events to raise awareness of engineering and highlight the critical role engineers and technicians play in our culture of continuous innovation.

From Pinewood Derby Races and egg drop contests, to virtual guest speakers and Women in Engineering celebrations, these activities will also provide an opportunity to showcase product and technology innovations company-wide.

Ducommun Activities During February

Events will vary by Performance Center location.

  • Kickoff Event
  • Digital Innovation Challenge
  • Women in Engineering Celebration
  • Pinewood Derby Competition
  • Virtual Tours, Presentations & Speakers
  • Ducommun Innovation Awards
  • And much more!

Employee Health & Safety First

At Ducommun, employee health and safety are our number one priority. All celebration activities and events will be COVID-compliant to CDC, state and local site safety protocols. In addition, our teams at each site will hold virtual planning meetings, assign specific tasks to each team member to perform individually, and competitions will be held in an open space to allow for social distancing. Face masks will be worn during all activities and Ducommun's stringent CDC-based preventive measures will be required.

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