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Miltec Research and Technology
Ducommun Miltec

Miltec Research and Technology (MRT) provides high-technology systems engineering and analysis expertise associated with applied research, technology development and testing efforts in the fields of acoustic sensor systems and structural health monitoring. MRT’s staff consists of electrical and mechanical engineers, physicists and computer scientists that work in functional areas of sensors; system simulation; engineering and integration; field test and support; project coordination and management; and general engineering services and support.

MRT’s core research and development competencies include: material integrity management research for vehicle health monitoring, optimal design of material processes, instrumentation of acoustic payloads on UAVs and aerostats, multiple target tracking from acoustic ground sensors, acoustic classification, infrasound sensor and array design and development, and advanced signal processing. Service competencies include: heat transfer experimentation, signal processing, DAQ, system integration, data analysis, and infrasound array data collection.

Miltec Research and Technology Core Capabilities:

  • Basic and Applied Research in Acoustics
  • Aviation and UAV Sensors
  • Cruise Missile Detection and Tracking
  • Thermal Management
  • Plan and Conduct Lab and Field Tests
  • Data Collection Systems
  • Aero-acoustic Vibration
  • Mine Detection
  • Airborne Acoustic Systems
  • Infrasound Sensor Technology

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