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Ducommun AeroStructures

Ducommun AeroStructures designs, engineers and manufactures the largest, most complex contoured aerostructure components in the aerospace industry. Our integrated processes include stretch-forming, thermal-forming, chemical milling, precision fabrication, machining, finishing processes, and integration of components into subassemblies.

We are also the largest independent supplier of composite and metal bond structures and assemblies in the US, including aircraft wing spoilers, helicopter blades, flight control surfaces and engine components.

Markets served include commercial aircraft, regional and business jet aircraft, military aircraft, commercial and military helicopters, and space launch vehicles.

In addition, we now offer unique processes for making net molded composite parts without ovens or autoclaves using our patented Foam Matrix Core System TM technology. This innovative technology has numerous benefits unavailable from any other method.

We have facilities in Gardena, California; Orange, California; Monrovia, California; El Mirage, California; Parsons, Kansas; Coxsackie, New York and Guaymas, Mexico.

Our Mission

Ducommun AeroStructures is committed to Safety, Continuous Improvement and Organizational Development. We deliver innovative aerostructures solutions to military, commercial and space markets world wide. Through our people, we provide value and growth to our stakeholders.

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